Weather forecast Serfaus.Fiss.Ladis.


today, Tuesday 19.10.
15 °C
1 °C

hours of sunshine
0 h
risk of precipitation

morning 0%
afternoon 30%

zero degree level
3500 m

last update: 19.10.2021 17:45

Toward midweek, we will get in front of a large low over the North Atlantic in a foehny southwesterly current. Very mild air masses will temporarily reach us on Wednesday, which will be accompanied by thin, high cirrostratus clouds. The frost line will rise to 4200m above sea level. Toward Thursday, the southerly foehn wind will further increase, at the same time, a cold front will reach us. With stronger clouds which will partly break up, weak precipitation is expected especially around midday. On Friday, we will be located behind the front and our area will be affected by weak northwesterly barrier effects. The temperatures will further decrease, however, only unabundant precipitation is expected anymore. The clouds will soon decrease towards Saturday, the day will indulge us with bright sunshine. Significantly milder air masses will reach us in the higher air layers on Sunday. This high reaching rise in temperature will be accompanied by large cloud banks crossing our area.

Wednesday 20.10.
18 °C
6 °C
  • 6h hours of sunshine
  • risk of precipitation
  • 0% morning
  • 0% afternoon
Thursday 21.10.
11 °C
5 °C
  • 2h hours of sunshine
  • risk of precipitation
  • 50% morning
  • 50% afternoon
Friday 22.10.
7 °C
1 °C
  • 5h hours of sunshine
  • risk of precipitation
  • 40% morning
  • 20% afternoon