Milky Way

level of difficulty easy
marking blue
trail distance 3000m

From the Waldbahn mountain station, the Milky Way winds its way down to the valley.

The trailhead is located at an altitude of 1,840 m. The ride on the 3 km long bike park track covers a little more than 400 m of vertical difference.

The Milky Way is an “easy” track (blue) that appeals primarily to beginners with less biking experience. No matter what speed or level, this line is all about having fun. Due to its nature, the Milky Way is ideal for families and mountain bikers who are just gaining their first bike park and track experiences.

Nevertheless, smaller obstacles provide variety and jumps and berms make it all a little more action-packed. The Milky Way is therefore perfect for getting a taste of the bike park and for reeling off the first track kilometres of the day.