level of difficulty expert
marking black
trail distance 1480m

You really can get the greatest adrenaline rush at the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Bikepark on the Downhill course. Over the distance of 1,480 m, more than 400 m of difference in altitude are covered on the descent – a steep deal.

At the 7-way intersection, you start and blast back to the valley station at top speed. Additionally, there are a considerable number of tricky elements that demand a lot from the riders on each run. The great variety on this short track comes from the variation of natural sections, root carpets and forest terrain. Rock gardens also ensure that the Downhill course stands out from the other tracks and justify its classification as a “difficult” trail (black).

You occasionally get to take off on the Downhill track due to built-in jumps, be it over north shore elements or off-road edges. Experienced freeriders and downhillers have the chance to push themselves and go full speed here.