Downhill, freeride & enduro pros

Park lovers

Jump lines bring tears of joy to your eyes and get your pulse racing?

The Strada del Sole (red) awaits you with over 40 jumps. You'll find even more airtime on the Freeride (red). The speed is high, the fun is enormous.


Do you like it steep and dirty?

You'll find deep forest soil, fast off-cambers, north shores and a rock garden on the Downhill (black). If you want a little more, you'll love the Hill Bill (black).


Are you looking for roots, steep sections, but also northshores and big jumps?

Then take a look at the Hill Bill (black) and Freeride (red). On the Hill Bill you can expect the house drop, root carpets and large steps peppered with Northshores. On the Freeride you can expect pure airtime with high and wide jumps.


Are you looking for fun off the beaten track on natural trails?

Then you'll feel right at home on our single trails. Above all, we recommend the Frommestrail. The Schönjochbahn takes you up 2,440 meters. A short uphill takes you to the start of the alpine trail with more than 1,000 vertical meters and a breathtaking panorama. The Jochtrail, a narrow trail along the mountainside with fantastic views, also starts at Schönjoch. 

On our Trail Day, you get the maximum number of meters in a sociable atmosphere.