Biker types

What type of biker are you?

Strawberry, chocolate or vanilla? Just as different as favourite ice cream flavours are, bike preferences are just as diverse. In our bike park, every type of biker gets their money's worth. The following applies to all types of bikers: protective equipment and a suitable bike are mandatory!

Protective equipment and a suitable bike

Always wear a helmet and knee protectors. We also recommend full-face helmets as well as elbow, chest and back protectors. Only ride a bike approved for the bike park. You can hire suitable protective equipment and bikes from our bike shop.


We particularly recommend beginners and bikers without experience in the bike park to take a course in our bike school. For all other bikers: you never stop learning! We offer courses for all ages and riding levels. Take a look at the Bikeschool Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.