Rules & safety

To ensure fun and safety for all bikers in the Bikepark Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, we have put together a few rules. We ask you to observe these rules and to behave accordingly:

Fair play

  • Only ride in the bike park with a valid ticket
  • Take your garbage back with you, do not leave any garbage in the countryside. You will find garbage cans at the valley and mountain stations.
  • Be considerate of other mountain sports enthusiasts and animals. You may come across freeroaming animals on the trails.
  • Be considerate of slower bikers - without pushing or overtaking.
  • Always follow the instructions of the bike park and cable car staff


Trail rules

  • You must wear a helmet and knee protectors on all bike park trails and slope-style. We recommend a full-face helmet and other suitable protective equipment.
  • Only ride a mountain bike (freeride or downhill bike) that is technically approved for the bike park.
  • Only ride on the marked trails. Riding off the trails is strictly prohibited.
  • Only ride downhill on the trails. Riding uphill and pushing is prohibited on all trails.
  • Adapt your speed to the nature of the trail and the weather.
  • Do not overestimate yourself or others. Only ride trails that are suitable for your ability and fitness level.
  • Look up when re-entering the trail, bikers coming from above have right of way.
  • Keep hard-to-see places clear. Do not stop behind crests or bends on the trail.
  • Only ride North Shores (wooden structures) in dry conditions, as there is a risk of slipping.
  • Only ride fast enough to be able to stop at any time.
  • Pay attention to information boards and warning signs. Parts of the route may be closed due to damage or maintenance work.
  • Do not ride with child seats or bicycle trailers.

If you disregard the rules, your lift pass may be revoked and you may be banned from riding.

Behaviour in case of accidents

Emergency contact number: +43/5476/53077-25

  1. cordon off the accident site.
  2. provide first aid.
  3. inform the rescue service.
    Important: please state the nearest rescue point and the name of the route.