You ride a mountain-bike but have never been to a bike park? Gravity Mountain biking differs in various aspects from classic cross-country or uphill mountain biking. Take your time to get used to the new full suspension bike, before venturing on to the first tracks. The training area at the bottom station is the ideal spot for this. 

Not all trails in the bike park are suitable for first riding attempts. We recommend that Novice Riders use the following blue trails for their first rides:

  • Milky Way: A good trail to get comfortable with the bike and surroundings
  • Vuelta & Morning Glory: After doing some rounds on the Milky Way these two trails offer a bit more of a challenge to improve your skills on the bike


Air time gives the greatest joy in Gravity Mountain biking. If you have little or no experience with jumps and obstacles, take it one step at a time. For this purpose we offer trails within the bike park with varying levels of difficulties. Trails marked blue incorporate small obstacles and wooden ramps for your first attempts to jump. 

Protective clothing and the right bike

You should use a suitable bike and the necessary protective gear in order to really enjoy the bike park, and to keep the possibility of injury to a minimum. Please don't ride your own cross-country or All-mountain bike on the trails and make sure to wear the necessary protective clothing. Large disk breaks and a full suspension are absolutely necessary in order to have fun on the bike park trails. All important protectors are for rent in the Bikeshop and perfectly maintained rental bikes are at your disposal. Make sure to choose a bike that is right for your height and suitable for bike parks. Our Bikeshop staff is happy to answer any questions you might have. 


Our trained bike guides help you to improve your skills. Even if you already have some experience in mountain biking we recommend a couple of hours with a guide to learn the basics of riding in the Bikepark. You can book group or individual lessons to perfect your skills here.