Don’t be shy, everyone was a beginner at some stage. That’s why we’re happy to guide and assist you on your first experiences with gravity mountain biking. Here are some tips for first timers and Bikepark novices:


In order to have fun on the Bikepark trails, a proper freeride or downhill bike is a necessity. You can find perfectly maintained rental bikes in our Bikeshop at the bottom station Waldbahn.

Safety first: The right bike also needs the right protective gear, which you can also obtain from our Bikeshop.


Riding downhill is more tiring that you might think. That’s why you shouldn’t take on too much. To get you started we recommend a few training laps in the training area. Here you can find easy berms, small bumps and some small wooden ramps, which can be conquered without any troubles. Take a few turns and get to know your bike and the new riding experience.

The blue marked Milky Way trail is the perfect place to start. Thsi trail features slight berms, small bumps and even a small wooden ramp (which you can also easily avoid). Do a few laps nad get to know your bike and the new riding experience. Once you feel secure enough you can take it to the next level on the trails Morning Glory and Vuelta, both marked blue. 

Be sure to take frequent breaks and listen to your body. When your forearms start to hurt – this is the so-called arm pump – and your knees start to get wobbly, then it’s time to take a break!


Our trained bike guides help you reach your full potential during your first experiences in the Bikepark. You can book group or individual lessons to gain basic knowledge about riding techniques here.

Declaration of consent

Children under 10 years of age may only use the bike park when accompanied by an adult.

Children between the ages of 10 and 16 years must produce a declaration of consent from a parent or legal guardian when purchasing tickets. Download the form here.

Without a declaration of consent we are unable to provide access to the bike park.