Park Areas

You love double-crown forkes and the raw sound of your wheels hitting some serious dirt? You prefer flying sideways with your bike? Or you don’t get a word of that and just wanted to try this downhill thing everyone’s talking about? We have the perfect playground for each and every one of you.


Here, small shredders feel comfortable. The Kids Park directly opposite the valley station offers bike fun for the little ones.

On a generous level area, the offspring can let off steam on miniature residents and small obstacles.


In the training area for beginners several obstacles with different levels of difficulty are ready.
Perfect to warm up for the upcoming downhills.

Here you can get used to the sport equipment with skill and balance exercices.


The Pumptrack is about creating as many laps as possible without pedaling, just by pumping with your arms and discovering creative combinations.

Pumptracks are fun and help to improve the driving technique. You can borrow the right wheels for this at the Bikeshop


Airtime wanted? Here you find what you are looking for: In the finish area above the Waldbahn valley station you can expect tablejumps, up and down boxes, wallrides, boner or long jumps and step ups.

Jumps in all sizes help you to hone your technique and gain experiences. 

After the race on Saturday at the MTB-Festival in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis in Tyrol, the drivers of Masters of Dirt showed their skills. | © Andreas Kirschner


At the LandingBag every biker can practice and improve his tricks.

The LandingBag provides the rider with realistic feedback - while allowing a smooth and safe landing.