Schönjoch Tour 7101

Mountainbike tour
36 km
1401 m
1374 m

The Schönjoch Tour poses a real challenge, as the air at the highest point of the tour with 2,493 m is already very thin. The tour leads via the Falterjoch and Schönegg to the Schöngampalm to 1,878 m (refreshment stop). The trail follows the well-developed Emmerich Pale trail. There’s an altitude gain of 500 metres, but with a manageable gradient of about 12% to the Fisser Joch ridge. Once you reach the Schönjoch, you can take a well-deserved break and enjoy the landscape. You can descend either via a short trail back to the Fisser Joch ridge and via the gravel path following the cable car or via the Frommestrail (S2) back to Fiss.
The other way round, the Fisserjoch Tour 730 is called the Schönjoch Tour and leads directly to the Fisser Joch ridge. You can descend into the Urgtal valley either on the Flüstertrail (S2) and Zirbentrail (S1) or the Emmerich-Pale Trail as far as the Schöngampalm. From there it’s an easy ride on a good bike trail in the direction of Fiss back to the bike park.


Highest Point
Bikepark S-F-L
Bikepark S-F-L