Schöngampalm Tour 732

Mountainbike tour
27.5 km
726 m
716 m

The destination is the Schöngampalm in the Urgtal valley. A tour also for families or ambitious beginners. It’s worth taking a short detour just before the Schöngampalm to admire the Urgsee lake. If you want more of a challenge, you can extend this tour to suit you.

The tour leads via the Falterjöchl to Obladis and Neuegg. From there, the trail is mainly gently uphill heading to the Urgtal valley and our destination: the Schöngampalm. Look out for other bikers and vehicles as the forestry road can be very busy at times.
To descend, head down the same trail you came from and turn right at signpost F036 onto the upper path and return via Rabuschl back to Fiss.


Highest Point
Bikepark S-F-L
Bikepark S-F-L