Rabuschl family tour 7095

Mountainbike tour
10.8 km
269 m
273 m

A short, easy tour for families and connoisseurs, with fantastic views from the Schönegg, for example, of the surrounding mountains. This tour can be extended with all sorts of variations – Obladis, Frommes Alp, Kuhalm etc.

Starting at the bike park, you follow an asphalt bike trail into the centre of Fiss heading for the Kulturhaus (F009). Bear left before the Kulturhaus and turn right at the end of the short climb (F008) in the direction of Obladis. Stop at the Falterjöchl (F006) to admire the stunning panoramic view, and then it’s briefly downhill as far as the junction (L017). The Family Tour trail bears left with a gentle uphill gradient as far as Schönegg (L020). At the Schönegg, turn left and follow the trail uphill until it joins the Urgtalweg trail (F027). Continue on the flat trail to Rabuschl (F025). From there it’s a gentle descent to Fiss and through the village back to the bike park.


Highest Point
Fiss Bike Park
Fiss Bike Park